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This full-day workshop is designed for established companies who feel the need to ramp up innovation, and turn it into a repeatable process. The workshop will cover research done in the area, best practices, and proposed action. The workshop is made of lectures, interaction, creativity exercises, and discussion. 

who is it for?

The workshop is designed for the company's executive management, from CEO to team leaders. It can be modified into a half-day workshop for boards of directors. Each workshop is limited to 16 participants. 

free stuff

attendees will receive all workshop materials and free copies of the books Bowling with a Crystal Ball and From Startup to Maturity

the format

The workshop is divided into 7 parts. Each part includes a 45-minute lecture (including discussion, exercise, and Q&A), and there are 15-minute breaks between parts, and a lunch break. A general agenda would look like this:

09:00    Introduction and ice breaker

09:45     Break

10:00     Corporate Climate

10:45     Break

11:00     Team Dynamics

11:45      Lunch Break

12:30     Individual Creativity

01:15      Break

01:30     Ideation

02:15     Break

02:30    Business Plan and Boundary Agreements

03:15     Break

03:30    Next Steps, wrap up

04:15    End


  • ice breaker
  • outline of the day, ground rules
  • research- and experience-based approach
  • the link between repeatable innovation and financial results
  • between creativity and innovation
  • the role of motivation in creativity and innovation

corporate climate

  • hiring creative people
  • organizational climate factors affecting creativity
  • creativity in public companies, and in the era of Sarbanes Oxley 

team dynamics

  • creativity exercise
  • team diversity and member selection
  • team dynamics and the role of team building
  • the role of the team leader

individual creativity

  • 3,000 ideas, one market success
  • great ideas are not accidental
  • how does the organization play a role?


  • creativity exercise
  • what to expect from an ideation session?
  • design thinking
  • TRIZ
  • bowling with a crystal ball: technology and industry forecasting

business plan and boundary agreements

  • from "innovation funnel" to trust
  • 4 elements of a successful business plan
  • the boundary agreement

next steps, wrap up

  • climate and individual assessments and interviews
  • intervention and proposed action