un-kill creativity

how Corporate America can out-innovate startups

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Is innovation accidental? Why do we get the best ideas in the shower? Why are people creative in startup companies more than in Fortune 500 companies?

In his fifth book, un kill creativity, researcher, author, and keynote speaker Dr. Yoram Solomon answers these and other questions, based on his doctoral research (From Startup to Maturity), his firsthand innovation experience, and the stories of some of the world’s most innovative companies, such as Apple and Lockheed’s Skunk Works.

Solomon states that while great ideas appear accidental, you can create an environment where the probability of those accidents increases exponentially. Inspired by Teresa Amabile’s article, How to Kill Creativity, his book, un kill creativity shows corporate America how to unleash employee creativity and harness it to consistently generate radically innovative products, services, processes, and business models.

He focuses on 3 areas: organizational climate, team dynamics, and individual context. He proposes that: Innovation = Introspection + Intervention + Ideation + Implementation.

The book explains the roles of respect, trust, diversity, political correctness, humor, and sarcasm in employee and team creativity.

It shows the link between consistent innovation and exceptional financial results. In the book, Solomon breaks many creativity and innovation myths. The framework described in this book involves no implementation costs. All it requires is a change of management attitude.

Quotes from the Book

"Great ideas are NOT accidental"

"Creativity is less like golf and more like curling"

"Knowledge is not the issue—motivation is"

"When you debate, you experiment with ideas"

"Why do we get the best ideas in the shower?"

"You don't need to drive innovation, but you must allow it."

"Creativity is affected by corporate climate, team dynamics, and individual actions."

"Consistently innovative companies get 6 times the market share, 3 times the profitability, and do 50% better during recessions."

"There is no 'I' in team, but there are two I's in Innovation and two in Creativity. It's all about people"

"The 5-I rule: Innovation = Introspection + Intervention + Ideation + Implementation"

Table of Contents

     Introduction.. 1

Part 1: Is Innovation Important?. 13

     1. What is Innovation?. 15

     2. Is innovation important to the CEO?. 23

     3. Why are we killing creativity?. 31

     4. Why innovation-through-acquisition fails. 49

     5. Organic Innovation is possible. 59

Part 2: un-kill Creativity.. 65

     6. 3,000 ideas, one success story. 67

     7. knowledge is not the issue…... 71

     8. Who is Responsible for Innovation?. 85

     9. Corporate Climate Starts with You.. 91

     10. Dynamics of a Creative Team.. 131

     11. The Role of the Team Leader. 173

     12. Why do we get the best ideas in the shower. 189

Part 3: from creativity to results. 221

     13. Management’s degrees of freedom.. 223

     14. Introspection: who, me?. 231

     15. Intervention: you first. 261

     16. Ideation: The next big thing.. 293

     17. Implementation: rubber meets the road.. 317

     18. Do it again.. 327

Epilogue: myth busting.. 331

Post-Epilogue: three takeaways. 335

Acknowledgements. 339

Index. 343