When asked “where do great ideas come from?” the author replied: “from the future!” A significant, timely, and ambitious endeavor, Bowling with a Crystal Ball by Dr. Yoram Solomon, is relevant to developers, strategists, marketers, venture capitalists and academia alike. The book examines the impact of state-of-the-art technologies on consumer-driven markets. A follower of disruptive technologies with an insider's track, the author shares tools and techniques to teach readers how to tap into future trends. In three parts, delivered in a very personal manner, the author teaches the art of accurately forecasting fast-moving technology trends, creating value-add market disruptions, and navigating them through the industry maze to success. Originally published in 2007, it served as a textbook for a technology and industry forecasting class at the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Texas at Dallas. This 2015 edition adds the story behind the creation of USB 3, as well as an introduction to the author’s third book, un-kill creativity, demonstrating how established companies can out-innovate startups without having to acquire them.

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“The genius of Solomon's ideas is to inextricably link technology to markets to people.  Success is very much a matter of having the right people (technology evangelists, design engineers, standards-body reps, etc.) in the right place at the right time.  Success is not guaranteed and typically you only get one chance to make a course correction—but the odds are not bad considering the potential rewards.”

Jack Shandle, Editor in Chief, Wireless Net Design Line, CMP Publishing

“Solomon delivers on the book's premise...big time! In a very readable style, he offers creative concepts and well-researched examples promoting how deliberate versus random innovation can be applied to new products; with particular focus on predicting how existing technologies can disrupt and create value not only in their primary markets, but secondary markets, as well. Worthy of several reads.”

Mark Wilson,  VP Marketing, PCTEL, Inc.

“Well written and interesting. A critically important and under-investigated aspect of technology business management. Will be very appealing to budding strategists and business managers in the technology space. Must-read for seasoned managers in diverse industries.”

Bill Krenik, Chief Technology Officer—HVL at Texas Instruments

“I would definitely recommend Bowling with a Crystal Ball to ones who are either involved in a technology venture or about to be engaged in such. This could be an enjoyable read for ones who seek perspective on how to blend between anticipating technology disruptions and executing towards that vision. The author is sharing his own real life personal experience along with theoretical examples which makes this book easy to associate with on a practical manner.”

Amir Faintuch, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Intel Corporation

“Yoram's book lives up to and even surpasses its catchy title, which by itself will provoke rueful smiles from anyone in the tech world. The book hits upon and explains a nascent but important trend today--- namely the creation of new markets using a range of disruptive and collaborative techniques and the massive stakes involved. Anyone who wants to understand what technology ecosystems are and their impact will find this book essential reading. I particularly liked the sections on derivative disruption and implementations, standards development organizations, and technology trending.
Another great feature of this book is it talks to you, and not at you. It's written clearly and it's easy to understand—Yoram's style is engaging and draws you in.
I would have no hesitation in recommending it highly to corporate technologists and market planners, management consultants, and people involved in analyzing and mapping technology portfolios and plans. I also think MBA students (and curriculums) will find it of great value.
You won't be disappointed with this book”

Deepak Kamlani, President, CEO & Founder at Global Inventures, Inc.

“This book presents a useful analysis of the evolution of electronic technology from its recent past to the present and future trends.
The electronics- technology entrepreneur and the investor will both benefit from reading this book. "Bowling with a Crystal Ball" will help them analyze the past and make the best predictions and decisions affecting their next venture.
It is a very sobering read when one realizes the vertiginous speed at which changes have occurred in the electronics industry over the last 30 years and realize that the ‘ball’ keeps accelerating.
I highly recommend this book.”

Amnon Aliphas, Chair of the School of Electronics at ITT Tech. Gordon Mentor at Northeastern University

Yoram's book provides an outstanding framework for thinking about disruptive technology. Easy to read and based on the author's own experience and observations, includes many examples.

Michael Eagles, Director Insight & Analysis at Liberty Global

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and speaking with Yoram for more than 4 years. During that time he has provided me with many key and valuable insights to the wireless industry. Yoram possesses a broad understanding of the critical features required to successfully deploy technical solutions into the marketplace.”

Kirsten West, Principal Analyst and co-founder at West Technology Research Solutions, LLC