an innovator

When he worked at Texas Instruments, Dr. Yoram Solomon was dubbed "the great innovator." He holds 22 patents in the US and worldwide. He is the inventor of penveu, InterHome, and the driving force behind the creation of USB 3 and mobile Wi-Fi. 

a speaker

Yoram can often be found speaking in different venues, from University Graduate business schools to Rotary Clubs, the Association for Strategic Planning National Conference, DEMO, and many more. He is an engaging speaker who was said to make people think afterwards. He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association.

an author

Dr. Solomon published 8 books: "Cause of Death: Political Correctness," "Culture starts with YOU, not your boss!", "Un-Kill Creativity", "Blueprints for the Next Big Thing", "Bowling with a Crystal Ball (two editions)," "Business Plan through Investors' Eyes", "From Startup to Maturity," and "Worst Diet Ever." He authored numerous articles, many of them published at Inc. Magazine, Innovation Excellence, and his blog on this website. 

community and boards

In May 2015, Dr. Solomon was elected to serve on the board of trustees of the Plano, Texas, Independent School District, educating 54,000 students. He is a founding member of the North Texas Angel (investor) Network, served on the boards of the Alliance for Higher Education, the North Texas Regional Center for Innovation and Commercialization, the DFW chapter of the Association for Strategic Planning, the Wi-Fi Alliance, Plano Youth Leadership, to name a few. He is a pilot, and serves as an Aerospace Education Officer at the Civil Air Patrol, a USAF auxiliary.


Yoram Solomon received his Ph.D. in Organization and Management from Capella University in 2010.  He spent two years researching why people are more creative in startup companies than they are in mature and large companies.  He is a multi-disciplinary professional, who also holds an electrical engineering associate degree, a law degree from Tel-Aviv University, and a Master in Business Administration from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. Beyond those, he graduated from the Stanford University executive Marketing Management Program, the Center for Creative Leadership’s Developing the Strategic Leader Program, and the Leadership Plano program.


Yoram is a seasoned executive who served in several companies in roles such as Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy. He drove and facilitates strategic planning processes, company-wide innovation and creativity initiatives, and led disruptive product introduction and turnaround efforts in startup, mature, private and public companies. He did the same on multiple boards of directors for industry trade and non-profit organizations. He is an early stage investor, and participated in IPO processes and acquisitions (M&A)--as both a seller and as a buyer of companies. He worked in multiple technology areas from communications, semiconductors, wireless, to education technology and more. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, strategy, and education.

Although he brings domain experience mainly in the technology space (electronics, software, communications, wireless, etc.), the value he brings applies to companies in all domains.

Yoram Solomon served as the Vice President of Corporate Strategy for Interphase Corporation. In 2009 he took the company’s executive team through a strategic planning process that resulted in changing the company management structure, as well as seek new markets for the company to enter. He then took the lead in identifying such markets, refocused the company on a $1.8b segment of the educational technology market, and invented and lead the development and introduction of a disruptive new product, penveu.

Before Interphase, Yoram worked at Texas Instruments as a Senior Director for Technology Strategy and Industry Relations. In his role he facilitated several different strategy development processes that led to the company’s focus on embedded Wi-Fi technologies in cell phones (that grew to be a $500m business at TI), the creation of USB 3.0, to name a few. He represented Texas Instruments in several standard-setting organizations and trade associations, such as the Wi-Fi Alliance, WiMedia Alliance, the Mobile DTV Alliance, USB promoters group, just to name a few. In some he served on the board of directors, and as a chairman.

Prior to that, he was the founder and CEO of Solram Electronics in Israel, where he invented and introduced a highly disruptive Internet telephony product in 1996, after which he moved to Silicon Valley to help turnaround a small wireless engineering company called Voyager into an intellectual property company that he later sold to PCTEL in 2000. He grew in the ranks of the $2.2b company to become the Vice President of the Advanced Communications Business Unit, where he was responsible for the next generation communication products. Through the sale of Voyager to PCTEL he accompanied PCTEL’s IPO. His greatest achievement at PCTEL was actually determining that the DSL product line developed by the company was a mistake, after careful value proposition and use case analysis he led the company through.

Yoram’s perspective of strategy development is analogous to the operation of a GPS navigation system. First you find out where you are, then you determine where you want to go, set boundary conditions for the road, calculate how to get there, and follows this path, while detouring obstacles along the way. His favorite strategy development tools include scenario planning and war-gaming, although his strength is to be flexible enough to develop events “on the fly”, based on the dynamic flow of the session rather than adhere to a strict preset plan.  He strongly believes that “no battle plan survives the first contact with the enemy.”