One of the most helpful things to create new ideas is to have multiple ideas. Therefore, I decided to publish an idea once a week. I call those “60-second idea ” videos. Each video will be about 60 seconds, and will therefore have some 150 words. The ideas I will share will come from all disciplines of life. From technology to psychology, innovation, business, and more. I will tell you why I created large scale creativity, I will tell you about my innovation research, and the books I published.

the complete playlist

individual videos

01: Introduction to 60-second idea videos

03: Worst Diet Ever

05: 4 rules to snap judge a new venture

07: If it costs you $100, how much should you charge for it?

09: Are more creative people in startups?              

11: measuring innovation                                                

13: how can fear lead to great ideas?

15: license to procrastinate!

17: employees need praise, but not from you

19: how to find your ideal job and be the perfect candidate for it?

21: when to procrastinate, and when not to

23: how to turn on your creative brain

25: when your solutions create new problems

27: how do we measure creativity?

29: why innovation-through-acquisition fails

31: diversity & team creativity

33: you need insiders and outsiders

35: 4 steps to reinvent your company

37: using history to solve the hardest problems

39: 4 methods of idea-generation

02: From Startup to Maturity

04: Dynamics of a Creative Team

06: Does creativity need resources?

08: the cycle of trust and innovation                      

10: the 3 things that will increase innovation levels in your company

12: one man's problem is another man's solution. especialy extroverts...

14: collecting raw ideas

16: dangerous habits generate creative ideas

18: how to make people open your emails first

20: how to turn your strengths into greatness, rather than your weaknesses into mediocrity

22: develop strategy like you use GPS

24: political correctness can ruin your creativity

26: writing a meaningful mission statement

28: how to build a brilliantly creative team

30: 4 things that creative bosses do

32: is 2-out-of-3 enough?

34: how to motivate creativity

36: the big picture

38: SkunkWorks creativity

40: 5 Methods for competitive advantage