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The processes and culture found in many companies often suppress creativity. Our process, developed over years of research and proven in the field, will help eliminate such impediments by guiding the company’s management in fostering creativity and in establishing a climate conducive to creativity, as well as more effective and efficient idea selection and implementation processes.


Ideas are often the result of teamwork, in which an idea by one member is built upon by another. Three factors within the team define the creative nature of it, and its success in delivering valuable innovation: the team leader's ability to facilitate ideation and protect the team, the selection of a well-diversified team, and the presence of constructive and trusting team dynamics. 


The potential for creativity remains unrealized in most individuals, depriving their organizations of great ideas. Based on a methodology we have developed through extensive research and have validated in the field, we train and coach individuals to put themselves in environments and situations in which great ideas are not accidental. 

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Before we make recommendations and begin training, we start with a thorough assessment at all three levels (company, team, and individual). We use proven assessment tools such as KEYS, TCI, and SPARCIT, combined with individual interviews. After that we provide a thorough report of the organizational climate, team dynamics, and individual creativity. 


Based on the results of the assessments, we will conduct any combination of the following: implement processes to assure a company climate conducive to creativity, select members for a strong creative team, develop supportive team dynamics, and train individuals on how to increase creative idea flow. Training and coaching will be ongoing through the entire process.  

ideation & implementation

We will teach the team techniques for brainstorming new ideas. We use several methods, including CPS, TRIZ, IDEO, and the concepts of “Solution looking for a problem.” Teaching will take place through hands-on ideation processes that are expected to generate real ideas for the company. Those ideas will be turned into business plans that will be presented to management. The skills and knowledge will then be retained in the company.